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Doctrinas filosóficas: guía de 1ra vuelta

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Buenos días.

Se les comunica a los alumnos que vayan a presentar exámenes ordinarios
de 1 o 2 vuelta, que las asesorías serán a partir de la primera clase después de su

examen 5 bimestre. (en su salón y horario de clases).

Es necesario y obligatorio traer la guía de ordinarios que anteriormente se subió a

este blog. (forma individual)

Cualquier duda o comentario, lo aclaramos con gusto en el horario de la materia.


"Las matemáticas son el alfabeto con el cual se escribió el universo" Galileo

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Guia examen final Inglés Intermedio

Pre intermediate level.
 Miss Erika Lazcano
1   Complete the questions with one word.
    1   Who is your best friend?
    2   _______ are you? I’m fine, thanks.
    3   _______ much money did you spend at the weekend?
    4   _______ daughter is Gwyneth Paltrow?
    5   _______ are you going to do when you retire?
    6   _______ did your family live when you were a child? In the mountains.
2   Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
    1   In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became (become) the first woman in space.
    2   I didn’t know why he sent me those flowers, but now I _______ (understand).
    3   _______ you _______ (watch) TV when I called?
    4   She’ll call you as soon as she _______ (arrive).
    5   Sally was fed up with _______ (work) every weekend, so she quit her job.
    6   Joanna _______ (have) short hair since we graduated ten years ago.
3   Underline the correct words.
    1   I’ve got a very well-paid job. I owe / earn / have a fortune.
    2   In 2009, frozen water was invented / developed / discovered on the moon.
    3   My ambition is to make / have / do a difference with my work.
    4   Nowadays fewer and fewer English people say / speak / talk foreign languages.
    5   Last month I decided to apply / run / change for a job in IT.
    6   Don’t tell me what to do! Run / Mind / Control your own business!
4   Choose the correct options.
    1   If I were you, I … study medicine and become a doctor.
a   would
b  will
c   might
    2   What time … you … the party last Saturday?
a   have … left
b  did … leave
c   were … left
    3   Paul … in Rome for twelve years now.
a   lives
b  has lived
c   is living
4 ‘How long … they … each other?’ ‘Since secondary school.’
a   did … know
b  have … known
c   do … knew
    5   … she … to go to work on Sundays?
a   Does … have
b  Is … have
c   Does … has
    6   Has he been doing his homework all afternoon?
a   Yes, he does.
b  Yes, he’s been.
c   Yes, he has.
5   Match 1–11 with the verbs from the box to make collocations. Use each verb only once.
deal    drop    expect    feel    go    look    make    pay    start    study    take
    1   take      somebody’s temperature
    2   _______ jealous
    3   _______ skydiving
    4   _______ a baby
    5   _______ with bad times
    6   _______ a complaint

6   Use the endings in the box to complete the sentences. There are some spelling changes.
-ian   -or    -ant   -ian   -er   -ist  
    1   The library ian helped me find a few books I needed.
    2   I’m a press photograph__ . I’ve worked for The Daily News for five years.
    3   Has your mother always worked as an account__ ?
    4   He’s a fantastic decorate__ – he has repainted our house in only two days!
    5   What’s the name of that act__ ? He’s been in lots of films.
    6   My husband is a computer science__ .
7  Complete the sentences with words from the box. There is one word you don’t need to use.
although    for    from    however    of    so    such    that    to    where    which    who
    1   On that day, I met the man who later became my husband.
    2   _______ I don’t like cocoa, I love chocolate.
    3   Chris doesn’t speak Spanish. _______ , he speaks Catalan.
    4   Mike was feeling really tired _______ he went home early.
    5   First _______ all, I think everyone likes music.
    6   Our town, _______ lies on the coast, is called Oldport.

8   Choose the correct options.
    1   Everyone feels jealous sometimes. I don’t think … worry too much.
a   you should         b  you mustn’t
    2   … you be resting after your illness?
a   Must                   b  Shouldn’t
    3   You … have experience to go skydiving.
a   shouldn’t             b  must
    4   I … forget to take my medicine.
a   must                   b  mustn’t
    5   I don’t think you … drive everywhere.
a   should                 b  shouldn’t
    6   You … talk on the phone while you are driving.
a   must                   b  shouldn’t
9   Translate the sentences.
    1   Can I help you? I’m just looking.
    2   I don’t think they have a chance.
    3   That’s very kind of you to say.
    4   What’s the matter?
    5   Let’s keep in touch from now on.
    6   If  I were you, I’d change my job.
10 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it.
    1   She’s a little young than her brother.
   She’s a little younger than her brother.
    2   ‘What does the city like?’ ‘It’s very safe.’
    3   Bangkok isn’t as hectic than he expected.
    4   Yesterday was the hot day of the year.
    5   Birmingham has a bigger population from Manchester.
    6   Do you earn the more money in your family?

11 Write the sentences and questions in the passive.
    1   The BMW Group own the Mini car.
The Mini car is owned by the BMW Group.
    2   You need a secure password to access your account.
    3   When did they launch the new web browser?
    4   You can buy nearly anything on eBay.
    5   People throw a huge amount of plastic away every day.

Complete the text with the correct active or passive form of the verb in brackets.
Peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) is a process that allows files (1) to be downloaded (download) from other connected computers (called peers). Similarly, your computer (2) __________ (search) by other computers on the network by peers looking for files.
  File sharing (3) __________ (begin) in 1999 when Napster (4) __________ (introduce) a file sharing             program and central server that linked people who had files with those who wanted files. When you (5) __________ (search) for a file, the server would find all of the available copies of that file.
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
    1   All the arrangements for the party were made last week. (make)
    2   Many engineers _________ to work on this project in 2015. (employ)
    3   The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation _________ in 1994. (found)
    4   Five calls _________ to your landline yesterday. (make)
    5   Engineers _________ this luxury hotel last month. (complete)

The Great Famine
The year of 1845 changed the history of Ireland forever. The weather was good so people were expecting a good potato crop that year. What they didn’t know was that a new form of potato disease had been brought into Europe.
The disease first appeared in America two years earlier, then it arrived via cargo ships into France and finally reached the Isle of Wight and Ireland. It turned potatoes into a black, rotten mess, which nobody could eat. More than half of the year’s crop was destroyed.
Irish people depended on potatoes for their survival. Most people owned very small areas of land, and they grew potatoes instead of grain because a farmer could produce three times as much food on the same plot of land. A single acre of potatoes yielded enough food for a family for a year. Each family grew only what they needed as they didn’t have anywhere to store potatoes over the winter.
There was famine all over the country. People went hungry without any food to eat for days. Then in 1846, the potato crop was devastated once again. The harvest in 1847 was also very poor. Three years without potatoes led to enormous problems for Ireland.
The British government, which ruled Ireland at the time, first did very little to help the people in need. In fact, during the crisis, British landlords continued exporting food from the country simply because they could get a better price abroad. Eventually, in 1847 the government decided to do something about Ireland. They set up soup kitchens to give free food to people who needed it the most. They also initiated work programmes to help people make money so they could buy food for their families. But it was too little, too late.
Between 1845 and 1855, more than 700,000 Irish people died from starvation. After the famine, an estimated 2 million people left the country. Some people started new lives in Britain’s industrial cities, for example Glasgow, London and Liverpool. Others went to the USA. The population of Ireland dropped by more than a quarter.
The Great Famine, as they called the hunger crisis, transformed Irish culture and had a big effect on the Gaelic language. The crisis was worst in the west of Ireland, where most Gaelic speakers lived. Families who decided to emigrate no longer had any use for Gaelic in their new countries, and future generations of Irish immigrants didn’t learn the language at all. Today only a small minority of Irish people speak Gaelic as their first language.
But many historians believe it was also the Great Famine that led to the nationalist movements which finally brought about Ireland’s independence from Britain in 1921.
1  Read the article. Write true (T) or false (F).
    1   The potato crop in 1845 was better than people expected.  F
    2   The disease appeared in America in 1843. ___
    3   Farmers produced enough potatoes for their families, but not enough for difficult times. ___
    4   1847 was the third year when Ireland had problems with the potato crop. ___
    5   In the 1840s the landlords in Ireland were British. ___
2   Match the underlined words in the text to the definitions.
    1   continuing living                                survival
    2   finally, in the end                               ________
    3   started                                               ________
    4   suffering or dying from lack of food    ________
    5   produced, provided                            ________
    6   illness                                               ________

1   Choose the best phrase for a letter to a company. Circle the correct letter.
    1  a   Hello
b              Dear Mr Williams
c   Dear Brian
    2  a   I saw your advertisement and thought I should
b  I am writing in response to your advertisement.
c   Great advert – please tell me more about it.
    3  a   I was wondering if you could send me some
    information about the work at the camp.
b  I would like to know more things about working at the camp.
c   Please give me some information about camp and the work.
    4  a   I’d like to be a supervisor at the camp.
b  Could I be a supervisor at your camp, please?
c   I would be interested in the role of supervisor at the camp.
    5  a   I look forward to hearing from you.
b  Write soon, please.
c   I can’t wait to hear from you.
    6  a   Take care,
b  All the best,
c   Yours sincerely,
2   Read this advertisement. Write a letter requesting more information about the summer job. Write your letter in 120–150 words.

Summer supervisors, sports trainers and language tutors wanted!
Sports courses and language courses for children.
Different age groups.
Based in Bristol, Exeter and Bournemouth.
For camp brochure and further information, write to:
Brian Williams
223 Leeward Street
Bristol BS6 1QJ

2   Look at the photos. Compare the different families. Write about what the advantages and the disadvantages are. In your opinion, what is the ideal family like?

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Buenas tardes:
Les envío guía correspondiente al 5° Bimestre.
La guía se entrega de forma individual. Cualquier duda la aclaramos en clase.
Guía 5° Bimestre

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Les informamos que el día de hoy les fueron entregadas las boletas correspondientes al 4to. Bimestre, a los alumnos que no reprobaron materias.

Papás que no hayan recibido la boleta, los esperamos a partir del lunes 11 de abril del año en curso, en un horario de  7:15 a 13:30, para que les sea entregada.

A T E N T A M E N T E